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Oxford DataLab

We are a truly mixed team of software developers, clinicians and traditional academic researchers all pooling skills and knowledge. We are unusual: we produce academic research papers, but we also use the same skills to build build live, interactive, data-driven tools and services; as well as real, practical policy insights on how data can be used to improve lives.

Our work is extremely high impact: our tool sees over 130,000 unique users a year; our TrialsTracker tools have received extensive global media coverage and help set the policy agenda; our platform is operating across 40% of England’s full pseudonymised patient records to generate key insights for clinicians and policymakers during COVID-19.

Our research covers a range of topics including: innovative informatics methods; variation in clinical care; behaviour change; research integrity; policy analysis; and more. We also aim to embody new ways of working: we share all our code as open source, and work openly and collaboratively by design, combining best practice from the software development and academic community. We also aim to be positive about the blockers: where we encounter technical, regulatory and cultural barriers to the better use of data, we write them up, and offer workable, practical solutions.

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Ben Goldacre


Ben Goldacre is a doctor, academic, best-selling author, and campaigner.

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Seb Bacon

Chief Technical Officer

Seb Bacon is a manager, analyst, and programmer with a lifelong interest in “civic tech”.

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Alex Walker


Alex is an epidemiologist in the DataLab team at the University of Oxford, with a particular interest in database linkage, time course analysis, risk stratification, prognosis modelling and novel computational methods in epidemiology.

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Amelia (Millie) Green

Data Scientist

Amelia is a Data Scientist in the DataLab team at the University of Oxford, focusing on the OpenSAFELY research platform.

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Amir Mehrkar

Senior Clinical Researcher

Amir is a general practitioner with over 10 years of experience in senior leadership roles in health technology.

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Becky Lumbard

Senior Project Manager

Becky Lumbard oversees the DataLab’s project delivery and grants management.

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Becky Smith

Software Developer

Becky is a software developer in the DataLab team working on OpenSAFELY.

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Ben Butler-Cole

Software Developer

Ben is a programmer in the DataLab team working on OpenSAFELY.

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Brian MacKenna

Honorary Research Fellow Pharmacist

Brian is a pharmacist in the NHS England Medicines and Diagnostics Policy Unit and is working with EBM Datalab on the Open Prescribing project to facilitate improvements in patient care through the better use of medicines data.

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Caroline Morton


Caroline is an epidemiologist and developer in the DataLab team.

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Colm Andrews

Data Scientist

Colm is a data scientist in the DataLab team.

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Dave Evans

Consultant Programmer

Dave is a consultant programmer working on the Open Prescribing project within the DataLab.

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George Hickman

Consultant Programmer

George is a consultant programmer working on OpenSAFELY tooling.

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Helen Curtis


Helen is a researcher in the DataLab team, focusing on the OpenPrescribing project.

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Henry Drysdale

Clinical Researcher

Henry Drysdale is a medical doctor in the NHS and a clinical researcher with the DataLab.

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Hilary Winstanly

PA / Administration

Hilary is PA to Ben and provides administrative support to the DataLab team.

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Iain Dillingham

Software Developer

Iain is a software developer, working on OpenSAFELY.

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Jess Morley

Policy lead

Jess is policy lead in the DataLab team looking at how actionable policy research can enable better use of health data.

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Jon Massey

Data Scientist

Jon is a data scientist focusing on the OpenSAFELY research platform, with over a decade of experience of commercial and research data engineering.

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Lisa Hopcroft

Data Scientist

Lisa Hopcroft is a Data Scientist working on OpenSAFELY.

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Louis Fisher

Data Scientist

Louis is a data scientist in the DataLab team working on the OpenSAFELY platform.

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Milan Wiedemann

Data Scientist

Milan is a Data Scientist working on improving healthcare analytics in the NHS.

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Nick DeVito


Nicholas is a researcher at the DataLab working on Research Integrity, a topic he has been passionate about since his time as an undergraduate.

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Orla Macdonald

Research Pharmacist

Orla is a specialist psychiatric pharmacist and an accredited member of the College of Mental Health Pharmacists.

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Peter Inglesby

Consultant Programmer

Peter is a programmer working mainly on OpenPrescribing.

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Richard Croker

Pharmaceutical adviser

Richard is the pharmaceutical adviser for OpenPrescribing at the DataLab.

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Robert Willans

Data Scientist

Rob is a Data Scientist at NICE, working with OpenSAFELY to research both the long term effects of COVID-19 and the computability of NICE’s guidance.

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Robin Park

Data Scientist

Robin is a health data scientist in the DataLab team.

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Simon Davy

Consultant Programmer

Simon is a Consultant Programmer, with a focus on the operation and security of the various DataLab software projects.

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Steve Maude

Software Developer

Steven first trained as a chemist, completing an MChem at Oxford.

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Tom O'Dwyer

Front-End Developer

Tom O’Dwyer is a frontend developer leading on user experience and interface design across the DataLab’s online portfolio.

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Tom Ward

Consultant Software Developer

Tom Ward is a Consultant Developer / Devops Engineer / Sysadmin, with over fifteen years professional experience working with web technologies, mostly for small companies and startups, with a particular interest in open data.

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Will Hume


Will is a statistician focusing on the OpenSAFELY research platform since joining in April 2020.